Causes of Obesity in Children

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Causes of Obesity in Children
Causes of Obesity in Children
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Causes of Obesity in Children

Obesity is a disease that threatens all age groups, from young to old. Although obesity causes more fatal consequences in middle and advanced age groups, the vast majority of obesity patients develop obesity from childhood. Especially in our country, since being above the ideal weight is perceived as “healthy”, the number of people prone to obesity is increasing. So what do we know about the causes of obesity in children? Let’s have a look.

Wrong Parent Education Raises Generations Prone to Obesity!

Increased studies of recent times have strengthened the suspicion that obesity is generally caused by wrong family education. Especially families who make food a commodity are extremely inconsistent in making the child love food! The encouragement of “eating first, then junk food” that families offer to children to eat causes children to perceive junk food as a reward. In this case, individuals who meet with sugary and excessively fatty foods in their childhood consume more foods that invite obesity.

It is a good method for families to warn their children about healthy nutrition and adapt them to the game in this case to raise a healthier generation. In particular, the inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables in childhood is insufficient to strengthen the immune system of children. In this case, children are trying to meet their sugar needs from needs such as cola or jelly beans. Explaining such foods (cola, jelly beans, candy chewing gum, etc.) as a “reward” to children is one of the biggest causes of obesity.

Inactive Children in the Risky Group on Obesity!

Children whose families do not care enough, especially spend more time on computers and phones. This situation causes children to get used to a sedentary life. Computer and phone addicted children are in a more risky group for obesity than children who move regularly.

The neglect of their children is a big risk for children to develop obesity. The time that is not spent together and the continuous play on electronic devices bring obesity in children closer to risky levels.

Children Who Overcome Trauma, Obesity More Frequently!

Children with underdeveloped emotions are more likely to make the mistakes that invite obesity. For example, children who were exposed to bullying, harassment, violence or other traumatic events as children see eating as a means of “shelter”. For this reason, excessive food consumption that has developed since childhood predisposes individuals to obesity in advanced ages.

Children who are exposed to trauma in childhood should definitely receive treatment with a good pedagogue. If children are neglected and “abused” in this regard, they may have eating disorders and want to eat constantly. Hormonal changes in the brain can stretch the feeling of satiety in the child, and even if children eat enough, they may need more food.

What to do?

First of all, children should be educated in the family about healthy nutrition and harmful foods. Although children at the primary school level 4 receive this education by the Ministry of National Education, it will not be as useful as the education in the family. Education blended with play in the family will help children understand which foods are harmful and which are healthy. If there is not enough education on this subject, children may not understand what the problems are caused by food. In this case, junk foods that increase the level of dopamine in the brain are much more attractive to children and children try to eat as much as they can from these foods.

In addition, studies have found that vitamin D deficiency in children causes obesity. The lack of vitamins in children can lead them to dangerous behaviors in nutritional habits, and family neglect can turn children into obese individuals.

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