Diabetes, blood pressure and obesity increase kidney disease

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Diabetes, blood pressure and obesity increase kidney disease
Diabetes, blood pressure and obesity increase kidney disease
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Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Obesity Increase Kidney Disease

Bezmialem Vakif University Rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu stated that the increase in the number of diabetes, blood pressure patients and obese in Turkish society increased kidney diseases and said, “People with diabetes, hypertension and urine problems should have a kidney test every year.” said.

In his statement, Kazancıoğlu stated that diabetics could be lost at an early age 20 years ago, but now they live very long with treatments.

Stating that all treatments have improved a lot, Kazancıoğlu said, “We live longer. The world population is not increasing. There is an aging population now. We no longer die early, we have care. ” she spoke.

Stating that there is an increase of more than 10 percent in diabetes, Kazancıoğlu said:

“This automatically shows us that kidney disease is also increasing. Diabetes comes first in diseases that impair the kidneys. Hypertension comes second. In third place comes the kidney’s own diseases, nephritis and other diseases. Therefore, if the number of diabetics, blood pressure patients and obese is increasing in our society, inevitably kidney diseases are also increasing. This needs to be checked beforehand so that people don’t fall for the kidney disease specialist.

The subject of World Kidney Day is a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and obesity, the result of which is kidney disease. This is not only in Turkey, the world’s problem, and now everyone in the world can become obese, we get lazy. Since it is an age of technology, we exercise less. As a kidney disease specialist, we don’t just focus on our kidneys. We are involved in all the factors that can impair our kidneys. ”

“When the kidneys slow down, there can be negativities in other organs.”

Prof. Dr. Stating that kidney disease is insidious, Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu said, “If there is no kidney disease in one of your family, you may attribute the first symptoms of kidney disease to other diseases. We try to remind you of this. For a healthy life, we recommend a healthy life and a healthy diet not only for your kidneys but also for your heart, veins and other organs. ” he spoke.

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Stating that when the kidneys start to slow down, there may be negativities in other organs, Kazancıoğlu said:

“Each organ has a very important task. There is no question of putting one one forward and leaving the other behind. Because the organs speak among themselves. People with diabetes, hypertension, and urinary distress should have a kidney test every year. Most importantly, some urinary infections and febrile diseases in childhood should be taken seriously. It is possible to completely correct them during this period. ”

Kazancıoğlu emphasized that people see dialysis as scary but fortunately dialysis is available.

Stating that even if the kidneys do not work sufficiently, people can continue their lives normally by entering into dialysis, there is no option in any organ, Kazancıoğlu said, “35 percent of our patients on dialysis are patients with kidney failure due to diabetes.” found in the description.




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