Obesity and Quality of Life

Obesity and Quality of Life
Obesity and Quality of Life
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Obesity and Quality of Life

Obesity and its associated diseases are one of the main health problems in the modern world. The fact that obesity and related diseases have negative effects on quality of life is widely known.

There have been many studies investigating the effect of obesity on quality of life. The consequences are quite tragedy. Obesity is a disease that adversely affects the quality of life physiologically and psychologically, along with exclusion, rejection, increased stress level, decreased self-esteem, mental and depressive depression, beyond physical appearance, pain and health problems.

Almost 90% of these patients have to use antidepressants. Over time, patients become more withdrawn and withdraw from social life. Problems caused by obesity, such as limitation of movement, joint problems, cardiac problems and lung diseases, cause these diseases to go to the hospital continuously throughout the year. Warmness and sexual dysfunction also contribute to the decrease in the quality of life of patients.

Why Obesity Be Treated?

When you combine all these, we are talking about a public health problem that significantly reduces the quality of life by affecting both physical and mental health of people. The World Health Organization states that physical and mental health is a whole and that mental health should be improved when planning treatment. Therefore, besides the treatment of obesity and its accompanying diseases, improvement in quality of life has become one of the main goals of bariatric therapy.

There are many studies evaluating the effect of obesity surgery on the well-being and satisfaction of life in patients. The results are very gratifying. Even the loss of 50% of excess weight is a satisfactory treatment effect. It is observed that almost all diseases caused by obesity have improved in patients who lost excess weight after surgery (1 year). It was found that more than 80% of the patients stopped using antidepressants. Again, in different studies, it has been shown that returning these patients to social life increases the workforce and enables mistakes to return to work life.

As a result; morbid obesity surgery provides a significant improvement in quality of life besides physical improvement. In fact, this improvement is so great that most researchers report that their quality of life is even better than the population average. All these reveal that obesity surgery should be further supported.

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Why is Obesity Surgery Necessary?




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