Obesity Caused Diseases

Obesity Caused Diseases
Obesity Caused Diseases
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Obesity Caused Diseases

Obesity is a common disease that causes millions of people to die each year. Obesity, as a rising health problem especially in countries such as the USA and China, causes various diseases. In this article, we will take a look at the diseases caused directly and indirectly by obesity and the mortality rates of these diseases.

Effects of Obesity on Body Systems

Obesity; It has effects on the endocrine system, respiratory system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system. Among these systems, the respiratory system and cardiovascular system are among the systems most affected by obesity. Breathing difficulties, asthma and sleeping problems are among the diseases caused by obesity in the respiratory system. Coronary artery disease and high blood pressure are among the diseases that occur frequently in the cardiovascular system.

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year due to the diseases listed above. Obesity, which is directly related to respiratory failure, heart attack and fatty liver, causes patients’ systems to not function properly. Obesity patients with such problems will have a huge reduction in life expectancy if they do not receive treatment.

The Effects of Obesity on Mental Health

Obesity is almost the number one cause of mental health problems. Because obesity, which leads to negative self-perception, causes people to not adopt their own body integrity. Individuals who feel excluded from society as a result of obesity may close themselves at home. Individuals who cannot move enough at home, enter into a vicious circle, start to eat constantly and do not move much enough to efficiently digest what they eat.

It is known that mental disorders as well as mental disorders caused by obesity cause obesity. For example, some nutritional disorders are among the number one causes of obesity. The binge eating disorder, which we call binge eating, causes a big problem in individuals. Individuals pretend that their sole purpose is eating, and they cannot think of anything other than eating. In the life stories of individuals with obesity, we often hear sentences like these:

“Sometimes I feel like my only concern is food. I think of lunch in the morning, dinner at lunch, and night food at dinner. I cannot think of anything other than eating and this affects my daily life. I just want to eat and I can’t stop it ”

This causes patients to eat as they eat in a vicious circle. If there is an irregular and unhealthy eating habit, this will cause an increase in the obesity levels of the patients. So much so that some patients double or even triple their body weight in just a few years. One patient weighed 90 kilograms at the age of 19 and 173 kilograms at the age of 24 before contracting obesity. Although the patient’s private information was not shared, this patient suffered from obesity due to mental problems. The sexual abuse he experienced in the past resulted in the patient’s trauma and he believed he found the solution in eating.

What is the Solution for Obesity?

Obesity; It causes sleep apnea, paralysis, musculoskeletal problems, gall bladder diseases, hyprelipidemia and many similar diseases. Patients with obesity must immediately consult a nutritionist as well as an obesity surgeon. If this continues, the patient could experience fatal consequences and die within a few years. Hundreds of thousands of patients each year find it difficult to lose their excess weight because they start their obesity treatment late.

The clearest treatment of obesity is a series of interventions taken in partnership with the patient and the specialist. If necessary, the patient should apply for surgical intervention and change their eating habits as soon as possible. Both of these treatment methods should be performed by specialists and the patient should also receive psychological treatment.


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