Causes of Obesity in Children

What are the Causes of Obesity in Children? Explore. Although obesity causes more fatal consequences in middle and advanced age groups, the vast majority of obesity patients suffer from childhood obesity.


What is Obesity and Obesity Surgery?

What is Obesity and Obesity Surgery? Access more questions and answers. Obesity draws attention as one of the biggest health problems of today. Because the changing lifestyles of people have pushed people to be more sedentary and more ready-made consumers.


What Should We Do To Get Rid Of Obesity?

What Should We Do To Get Rid Of Obesity? Obesity is known as the disease of our age. In particular, our diet list, which has recently changed and filled with ready-made products, pushes us to a diet full of sugar and fat.


Why Has Obesity Increased Today?

Why Has Obesity Increased Today? Find out the reasons. Today, physical diseases such as psychological disorders, technology addiction and obesity affect societies.


Obesity’s 2 Favorite Habits!

Obesity's 2 Favorite Habits! Explore. Obesity is one of the biggest and most common health problems of our day. The increase in the amount of fat in the human body at a level that prevents healthy living causes this disease.


Detailed Information About Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy

Get detailed information about sleeve gastrectomy. What is sleeve gastrectomy? Who should have gastric sleeve surgery? We have included topics like this. Patients with obesity complain that they are not full even though they consume large portions.


“You are an excellent doctor to be proud of.”

Reach the thank you message : "You are an excellent doctor to be proud of." Our patient with whom we share her feelings even though we do not share her name. Doctor Cemal Kara's love for his mother, who recovered with stomach surgery, is also reflected in his lines.


Our clinic

Learn about our clinic and discover more. Our clinic serving in the field of general surgery, obesity surgery and metabolic surgery is one of the few general surgery clinics in Turkey by the number of transactions and the success rate.


Why is Obesity Surgery Necessary?

Why is obesity surgery necessary? Obesity rates are increasing dramatically. There was only a small increase in the number of people who were overweight or obese between 1960 and 1980. However, although obesity has increased as a percentage in the society since 1980, its rate of increase is also increasing.

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