The Importance of Expert Support in Obesity

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The Importance of Expert Support in Obesity
The Importance of Expert Support in Obesity
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The Importance of Expert Support in Obesity

The fight against obesity is becoming a more important issue every year. Increasing obesity cases, especially in developed countries, cause obese generations to occur. As a social problem, obesity wears down millions of people both financially and morally every year. So what are the expert support ways that can be taken on obesity?

The Importance of Psychological Help in Struggle Against Obesity

Some of the problems that cause obesity are psychological. Especially people who are excluded from society and have problems getting involved in the community are more vulnerable to obesity. Social problems such as agoraphobia cause people to be locked in their homes and not be able to move enough outside. Eating disorders cause people to overeat and perceive food as a “tool” in psychological crises.

Individuals with obesity may be more emotionally sensitive. Especially people who use food as a defense tool as a result of their traumas take insufficient precautions to cope with obesity. These problems that indirectly cause obesity should be examined by expert psychologists and psychological counselors. Therefore, patients need psychological support.

Obesity, the second largest preventable deadly disease in the world, kills more than 1 million people in Europe every year. Especially in 2019, 1.2 million people died from obesity-related diseases. Psychological assistance in coping with obesity enables patients to fight stronger and more effectively.

The Importance of Dietitian Help in Combating Obesity

One of the main causes of obesity is unhealthy diet. Harmful and excessively calorie foods in the diet list push people to obesity. For this reason, dietician help is very important. Gaining the right nutritional habits for both preventing obesity and coping with obesity is only possible with the help of a dietician.

Ready-made programs on the Internet, unfortunately, do not fully benefit you. Because a special diet list should be created for each person. It is not right for patients to get support over the internet. You should definitely seek help from an expert and create an accurate diet list. In this way, a healthy weight can be lost without obesity.

If you are aiming to lose 15-20 kg a month, you should be careful at this point. Because “shock diets” on the internet carry the risk of losing your life. Conscious eating rather than eating is a critical situation in fighting obesity. If you don’t get the minimum macronutrients to lose weight, your immune system can be damaged. Especially if you have a diet list that is insufficient in terms of vitamins, after a while the damages of malnutrition will begin in the body.

The Importance of Surgical Assistance in Combating Obesity

If you cannot fight obesity alone, you should seek expert help without hesitation. We explained this in the first two titles and talked about its importance. However, if obesity is at a critical stage for you, it may be a vital situation. Especially people weighing more than 250 kilograms run the risk of dying as a result of the respiratory system not working well enough. If you are in the class that is really called extremely obese, you should apply for surgical intervention as soon as possible. For this, you need to apply to the relevant department of your nearest hospital as soon as possible. In this way, the necessary examinations will be made and an intervention plan will be prepared as soon as possible.

Obesity is not an insoluble disease. Especially nowadays, each patient can effectively fight obesity and get rid of this disease. All you have to do is be patient and know that a long process is ahead of you. If you realize this and become determined, you can fight obesity and overcome obesity.


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