What is Illness

What is Illness
What is Illness
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Disease is an abnormal condition that affects a living organism. Diseases are generally understood as medical conditions involving a pathological process associated with a particular set of symptoms. Localized diseases affect certain parts of the body; common diseases that spread to other parts of the body; and systemic diseases affect the whole body.

Every disease process has an origin or etiology, but some diseases may present with different or confusing symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose or identify. The physical symptoms of the disease may be accompanied by emotional symptoms, and some diseases affecting the chemical balances of the nervous system may manifest themselves with physical symptoms.

Disease categories include autoimmune, bacterial, blood, cancer, digestive system, heart, nervous (or neurodegenerative), sexually transmitted, or thyroid. Diseases may not be contagious or contagious. External sources that can cause disease include acquired viruses or bacteria, and internal causes of the disease include autoimmune or genetic dysfunction. Some diseases are chronic, that is, they are present continuously and may occur symptomatically over a long period of time.

People often associate the illness with pain, distress, or social problems. Atypical structure and function variations, deviant behavior, disabilities, disorders, injuries, infections, and syndromes can be symptoms of the disease or may be confused with actual disease processes.

The disease can be prevented or prevented using a number of strategies, including proper hygiene, proper nutrition, frequent exercise, and vaccination. Disease treatments range from medication and medical devices to surgery and personal care. While diseases can simply be cured over time, others require a range of treatments that reverse the disease processes or end the root medical problem permanently. Some diseases may not be cured, so the symptoms of the disease can be treated using pain relief or palliative care.

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