What is Obesity and Obesity Surgery?

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What is Obesity and Obesity Surgery?
What is Obesity and Obesity Surgery?
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What is Obesity and Obesity Surgery?

Obesity draws attention as one of the biggest health problems of today. Because the changing lifestyles of people have pushed people to be more sedentary and more ready-made consumers. In this case, the inevitable consequences of obesity emerge. So what is obesity? What is obesity surgery? What are the prices of bariatric surgery? If you're wondering, let's move on to the main topic of our article as soon as possible.

What is Obesity?

In general definition, obesity (obesity among the people) can be defined as having more weight than the ideal weight of a person. There is an ideal weight range for all ages and lengths. Thanks to the body mass index, you can find your ideal weight range very easily. The units of obesity patients in the body mass index are above 25 or 30. In other words, the body is well above the ideal weight. Genetic and environmental factors are among the reasons for this. For example, an individual with a family history of obesity may be genetically more susceptible to obesity. Environmental factors include changing work life and eating habits.

Today, obesity threatens both our country and large populated countries such as the USA and China. Products such as fast food, sugary junk food and sugary carbonated drinks (cola, cold tea) are among the products that invite obesity. The changing nutrition style in the world causes these harmful products to occupy our table increasingly every day. As a result, one out of every 3 women and one out of every 4 men in our country are either obese or about to be caught.

What Causes Obesity?

Although we summarize above, the causes of obesity are quite extensive. Psychological traumas, violence, abuse, and even vitamin D deficiency drive children to obesity at an advanced age. One of the biggest symptoms of depression is increased appetite. Because people can use food as a tool. Especially people who take shelter to eat to cope with crisis situations make it a conditioning and resort to food whenever they encounter a problem. As a result, obesity becomes a huge risk in such people.

Among other causes of obesity; There are problems such as a sedentary lifestyle, not eating a healthy diet, other metabolic diseases, irregular sleep, ready-made food consumption and consuming foods with high sugar. Since processed foods and high-sugar foods entered our menu, obesity has increased exponentially. Because ready-made foods, which are called calorie bombs, cause people to meet their saturated fat needs more than necessary. The accumulated and not burned calories directly cause weight gain.

What is Obesity Treatment?

Obesity is a treatable condition. Especially in developed countries, the method of obesity surgery is an intervention that produces successful results. If patients are unable to control weight on their own and the situation is serious, specialist treatment may be required. At this point, obesity surgery performs a successful procedure in just 1-1.5 hours thanks to improved methods. In this way, patients can fight obesity much more easily and regain their lives.

Obesity surgery is generally preferred in the Izmir region. Expert surgeons located in the Izmir region understand your obesity surgical needs and help you choose the right type of intervention.

Who is Obesity Surgery Applied?

If you are between the ages of 18-65, if your body mass index exceeds 30 or 35 as a unit, if you miss your life because of your excess weight, and obesity has led you to other diseases, an intervention is absolutely necessary. These criteria may vary depending on the decision of the surgeons, but if you meet these criteria on average, you should definitely get support.

Obesity Surgery and After

Different surgical interventions are applied according to different situations. Thanks to the technique we call laparoscopic intervention, you can now get rid of obesity much more easily. The intervention, which will be made within only 1-1.5 hours, will allow you to be satiated with smaller portions. Because a part of your stomach is removed and its capacity shrinks. In this way, patients gain a feeling of satiety without consuming too much food.

In the first few months after the intervention, you should pay attention to your exercises, follow the warnings and lists of dieticians, and also get psychological support. Because patients with obesity may feel lonely and excluded due to the bad treatment they receive from the environment. If you follow these warnings, you can fully regain your old health and get rid of all the effects of obesity in less than a year.

Bariatric Surgery 2023 Prices

Nowadays, thanks to the developing technology, the prices of obesity surgery Izmir are at very reasonable levels. Patients with all kinds of budgets can easily benefit from this intervention. It would be useful to contact us to get an exact price, as prices may vary depending on your situation.

If you have any question about obesity and/or obesity surgery, please do not hesitate contact with us. You may want to contact using our communication channels.


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