What Should We Do To Get Rid Of Obesity?

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What Should We Do To Get Rid Of Obesity?
What Should We Do To Get Rid Of Obesity?
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What Should We Do To Get Rid Of Obesity?

Obesity is known as the disease of our age. In particular, our diet list, which has recently changed and filled with ready-made products, pushes us to a diet full of sugar and fat. Today, one out of every 3 women and one out of every 4 men have obesity due to this changing eating habit or is at the border. So when it comes to obesity, how can we get rid of it? There are many studies conducted to prevent obesity and to minimize the risk of obesity. If you listen to the experts, the two most important issues are: eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly…

Causes of Obesity

Obesity has many causes. These can be basically divided into genetic and environmental. In the article published by Fırat Medical Journal:

“Obesity is often inherited in families, and individuals with obesity in their families carry an increased risk of obesity even if they do not live with other family members. Obesity in parents poses a significant risk for individuals in childhood and adolescence." the description is included. In this statement; It is clear that children in family members with a history of obesity are also at risk of obesity. We need to raise healthy generations in order to eliminate genetic factors. For this, we need to tidy up our diet and exercise habits as soon as possible, starting from ourselves.

The most striking environmental cause of obesity is the sedentary life that generally occurs due to the decrease in workload. Regular exercise; It provides expansion of heart vessels, more stable metabolism, more fat burning and consequently weight control.

An adult should exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes of moderate intensity. Walking, running, climbing stairs, or simple exercise movements at home are our main pillars in fighting obesity. If you are in a busy work environment, you should definitely spare time for exercise when you find it free. Just as we take time to take a shower or eat, we need to make time for an active life. Just as our body needs water and sleep, it also needs movement. You can prepare a simple exercise program by looking on the internet or consulting a fitness trainer.

What Should Those at Risk of Obesity Do?

If your weight is increasing beyond your control and individual interventions are not sufficient, then your risk of obesity has increased. In the future, you can reach the obesity limits in the body mass index and even get obesity. For this reason, you need to take action as soon as possible. In cases where individual precautions are not sufficient, definitely seek help from a doctor who is an expert in obesity. It is also known that obesity is caused by psychological problems. For this reason, you can also get support from psychologists or psychological counselors.

Individuals in the risk group for obesity should also receive dietician help. The irregular and unhealthy diet invites obesity. You should definitely eat smaller portions and reduce your carbohydrate intake. In particular, you should stay away from sugary and carbonated beverages and completely give up the foods we call junk food. It is noticed that patients with obesity and critical condition are sensitive to junk food and consume fast food at the same time. If you comply with the diet list prepared with expert dieticians and exercise regularly, you can control your weight without the need for surgical intervention.

If all these measures do not work, surgical intervention can be applied with the decision of the obesity surgeon. Surgical interventions are interventions performed to ensure that the person is satiated with less portions. In this way, patients can achieve weight control by a specialist.

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