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Find detailed information about Prof. Cemal Kara's specialty in medicine, his working life and educational information, including his resume. Check out the details about Prof. Cemal Kara with his bariatric surgery operations. Discover more about the Surgical Competence Certificate presented by the Turkish Surgical Association.

We in the Press

Get press news about Prof. Cemal Kara, known in the field of obesity surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, diabetes surgery and metabolic syndrome. Access press news such as Milliyet and Hürriyet newspapers. Read the news headline “He’s taken 156 tons of weight from his patients”, “He won two battles” and more.

Our Team

Find detailed information about Prof. Cemal Kara and his valuable team. Access the team information that provides successful service with the titles of obesity surgery, gastric sleeve, Izmir obesity surgery, diabetes surgery, metabolic syndrome, diet, dietician. Take a look at the dietician, assistant, patient advisor information that made up the team.

Certificates and Documents

Discover the credible Certificates and Documents page, successfully obtained by Professor Cemal Kara, known for his work in obesity surgery and diabetes surgery. Browse to the Turkish Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Surgery and Its Future participation certificate that is approved by the Ministry of Health and more.

Access information about Professor Cemal Kara who provides solutions in diseases such as obesity surgery, diabetes surgery, reflux treatment and cancer surgery. Meet the team conducting studies on obesity surgery, sleeve gastrectomy and diabetes surgery. Check out the news in the press by accessing certificates and documents.

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