He gained 156 tons of weight

He gained 156 tons of weight
He gained 156 tons of weight

Izmir’s general surgeon, nicknamed “Magic Hands”, Assoc. Dr. Cemal Kara enabled his patients to lose 156 tons of weight with thousands of obesity surgeries. Kara said, “I have many patients coming from abroad for obesity surgery.”

Famous general surgeon Assoc. Dr. Cemal Kara performed nearly 4 thousand successful obesity surgeries, he enabled his patients to lose 156 tons of weight in total. Kara, a graduate of Karadeniz Technical University, works as a General Surgery Specialist at Çiğli Ekol Hospital. He has published 19 international and 17 national scientific studies in his field, won many awards and patented a laparoscopic surgical instrument, his award-winning invention. Kara told her success story to Yeni Asır:


“Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Obesity Surgery and Oncological Surgery are my special interests. I have performed nearly 4 thousand laparoscopic obesity surgeries (tube stomach, gastritis bypass). A total of 156 tons of weight loss has been achieved with these surgeries. More than 8 thousand laparoscopic general surgery operations (hernia, fistula, I have more than 15 thousand experience of surgical operations with gall bladder, stomach cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer). I have trained more than 30 general surgeons at home and abroad. ”


“In the past the medical field for training go to doctors from Turkey to other countries, our country’s success in this field and experienced physicians and our country physician from now abroad by increasing the quality of hospital number as Ekol Hospital and health comes professionals in education.

I am also one of the names that many general surgeons consult when their patients experience complications. At Ekol Hospital, our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Mehmet Baz is very meticulous and principled. It offers the latest technological developments to the service of physicians. We also have many patients from abroad. Mehmet Baz and Figan Baz attach great importance to health tourism. For example, even our artist Yüksel Uz chooses our hospital from South Africa for surgery. I have many patients from abroad. They come especially for obesity surgeries. ”


While the complication rates in obesity surgeries in the world are between 2-8 percent, Assoc. Dr. Cemal Kara stated that the complication rate in his obesity surgeries is 0.2 percent. Kara stated that the success rate of obesity surgery is well above the world standards.

Source of News: https://www.yeniasir.com.tr/izmir/2020/01/04/hastalarindan-156-ton-kilo-aldi

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