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Prof. Dr. Cemal Kara
About Us

He was born in 1974 in Vakfıkebir Trabzon.

He studied Medicine at Karadeniz Technical University. He became a General Surgery Specialist in 2008. Between 2008 and 2015, he served as a General Surgery Specialist at Karşıyaka State Hospital. Meanwhile, new and advanced surgeries such as esophageal cancer, obesity and laparoscopic colon surgeries were performed by him for the first time in Karşıyaka State Hospital.

19 international and 17 national scientific studies in his field have been published. He has also won many awards in international and national scientific competitions and also patented his own invention, a laparoscopic surgical instrument. In 2008, he successfully received a Certificate of Surgical Competence in the examination organized by the Turkish Surgical Association. In 2010, he started to do endoscopy by taking Endoscopy training. He is a member of the Turkish Surgical Association, the Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Association, the Aegean Region Surgery Association, and the Izmir Medical Chamber. Currently working at Ege Cerrahi Clinic İzmir

Education Information

  • Primary Education: Çelebi Village Primary School, 1981-1985.
  • Secondary Education: Vakfıkebir Basic Education Secondary School 1985-1988.
  • High School: Vakfıkebir High School 1988-1991
  • Faculty of Medicine: Karadeniz Teknik University Faculty of Medicine, 1992-1998.
  • Specialization training: İzmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, 3rd Surgery Clinic, January 2003 – May 2008.

Medical Specialty Thesis

  • Early Postoperative
  • Mortality in relaparotomies
  • Thesis Advisor: Assoc. Dr. Okay NAZLI

Work Life

  • Artvin Ardanuç Central Health Center 1998-1999 General Practitioner
  • TRNC 51. P. Tm. 49. P. Al. 1. P. Tb. 1999-2001 Medical Ensign
  • Trabzon 112 Emergency Service Central Station No 2 2001-2002 General Practitioner
  • Assistant İzmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital 3rd Surgery 2003-2008 Assistant
  • Karşıyaka State Hospital 2008-2015
  • Ege Cerrahi Clinic - Currently
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