Obesity Surgery İzmir 2021

Access the blog page of Prof. Cemal Kara, who has been serving in the field of Obesity Surgery in the Izmir region as of 2003. There is currently a global obesity epidemic in all age groups and in both developed and developing countries.


What are the Benefits of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery?

Find questions and answers such as “What are the Benefits of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery?” from Prof. Cemal Kara corporate website blog page. The main purpose of bariatric surgery is to help the patient lose weight in a controlled and healthy manner.


Practical Advice for Combating Obesity

Take a look at detailed information about Practical Tips for Combating Obesity. Exercise is one of the most basic ways to burn calories. If your diet is bad and you cannot eat healthy enough, calorie excess may occur.


What are Obesity Symptoms and Treatment?

Check out questions and answers like “What are Obesity Symptoms and Treatment Methods?” Discover Prof. Cemal Kara's blog. Obesity, which is defined as a fatal disease, can affect the person for years if precautions are not taken in time.


The Importance of Expert Support in Obesity

Find out the Importance of Expert Support in Obesity and more on Prof. Cemal Kara's blog page on the corporate website. As a social problem, obesity wears down millions of people indirectly both materially and morally every year.


The Relationship Between Obesity and psychological Problem

Access the blog post on the Relationship Between Obesity and Mental Problems. This disease, which deeply disturbs Western societies, is unfortunately increasing in our country due to unhealthy eating habits.


Historical Development of Obesity

Get information about the Historical Development of Obesity and more from the blog of Prof. Cemal Kara. Knowing whether the increasing cases of obesity have been at this level in the past allows us to understand where we went wrong.


Ways to Fight Obesity

Access the blog page on Obesity Fighting Ways and more. Fighting obesity is both easy and difficult today. Because, as conditions increase by causing obesity, treatment methods for obesity are also increasing.


Obesity Caused Diseases

Check out the topic of Obesity-Caused Diseases. Obesity is a common disease that causes millions of people to die each year. Obesity, as a rising health problem especially in countries such as the USA and China, causes various diseases.

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