Why Has Obesity Increased Today?

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Why Has Obesity Increased Today?
Why Has Obesity Increased Today?
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Why Has Obesity Increased Today?

There are diseases that change according to ages and affect the communities of that period. In the Middle Ages, while the plague affected the whole of Europe, people died one by one and could not find a cure. Today, physical diseases such as psychological disorders, technology addiction and obesity affect societies. What were people doing or not doing before obesity became widespread, and now obesity is at very high levels? In short, why has obesity increased today? The question is the main topic of this article. Let’s look for an answer to this question.

Obesity and Nutrition

Obesity is a disease that can develop due to many factors. Metabolic diseases, eating habits and a sedentary life can be counted among the main causes of obesity. Especially today’s dietary habits are seen as the number one friend of obesity. So what is this eating habit?

Before the industrial revolution, people consumed homemade foods mostly vegetables and meat. Natural foods allowed us to take advantage of micronutrients and get calories. We had a nutritional habit that wouldn’t allow too much. However, sugar consumption was not that common in the past. Industrial products and processed foods were not that common until 200 years ago. Industrial sugars are abundant, especially in foods we call junk food. In the foods we call fast food, processed and saturated fats are abundant. This has led to the inclusion of excess sugar and trans fats in our diet, and our calorie intake has increased. Obesity has become an inevitable problem and started to affect people.

Considering the above events and phenomena, human history has led to the formation of physical diseases with the change in eating habits. The most basic issue that makes obesity common today is that our eating habits have evolved into ready-made food and excessive sugar food. Excessive sugar consumption of people causes fatty liver in particular and weight gain in general. When the body mass index is above 25 or 30 units, this condition is defined as “obesity”.

Obesity and Still Life

One of the main causes of obesity is sedentary life. Why has obesity increased? It is possible to explain the question with today’s working order. Especially the transition from the agriculture and industrial sector to the service sector pushes us to work at the desk, not in factories or gardens. Therefore, a person who works at a desk for 8 hours a day cannot burn enough calories and excess calories are formed. This excess comes back to us as a weight problem.

Is working at a desk the only reason? Of course not! Working at the desk and the development of technology keep us away from exercise habits. This is not because there is no time after 8 hours of work, but also because the technology has developed excessively. Thanks to technological developments, we can now control our homes without even standing up, thanks to the voice command feature. Thanks to cars, we can get to workplaces in just a few steps. We also forgot the stairs thanks to the elevators. We think if we have to use a ladder we will suffer a great deal.

In short, harmful eating habits and sedentary life habits are two basic bad habits that invite obesity. Besides these; We should add the use of cigarettes, alcohol, substances and sugar. These uses cause us to get psychological problems that encourage obesity as well as obesity and cause a vicious circle. Because psychological traumas are actually among the main problems that cause obesity. Incidents such as psychological violence, physical violence and harassment are also among the main problems of obesity, although they are not often included in our article. You can read why these problems increase obesity in our next article.


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